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  Bari Carrelli English and Drama Teacher
  Alicia De La Torre Video Production Teacher
  Dan Maye Photography Teacher
  Lisa Pate Band Director
  Amy Petrocelli Basic Design / AP Art Teacher
  Bethany Uko Teacher
Student photo of a man and a dog at the end of a tunnel.
Student photo of a teen girl with six images showing different emotions.


About Our arts Progams

Royal High pursues excellence in Academics, Arts, Athletics, and Activities which includes the Visual, Performing, and Technical Arts.  Our students are engaged in theater, vocal music, instrumental music, theater, journalism, video production & broadcasting, ceramics, basic design, drawing and painting, and traditional and digital photography. 

Our performing and visual artists demonstrate excellence in a comprehensive and well-rounded educational experience.  Inspired by the arts, they graduate with passions to pursue the arts in careers, universities, vocations, and hobbies with confidence and poise in their ability to create and appreciate the world around us.

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Parents and Students can now DONATE DIRECTLY to the Arts Programs through the ASB STUDENT STORE!

Donations to the arts are made directly to ASB in cash, money order, or  debit/credit card at the student store online or in person. Donate directly online to your preferred program by clicking on the link below. Donations are tax deductible.

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