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Google Classroom


Hi, parents!

There has been some confusion regarding Google Classroom, and the access that it grants you. Only your child will be able to use the class code to view my classroom. Google Classroom only allows students to access it by entering the code when logged into their school email.


However, you should've been sent an email regarding Google Classroom updates. I enabled the feature that e-mails progress to parents/guardians. Now, any time that I post an assignment or announcement using that specific platform, you will receive an email. In addition, you will receive an email if your child does not submit an assignment by the due date on Google Classroom.


Since I will not receive a Google Chrome Cart (which contains a class-set of Google Chrome Books) until mid-October, I will only be using Google Classroom as a way for students to view the assignments I have given to them in class throughout the week. Furthermore, I am also using it so you will receive alerts each time I have posted an assignment or announcement. 


I understand that most of you are new to Google Classroom, so I am doing my best to keep you in the loop about it. Changes were made to the platform over the summer that I am still learning about as well.


In the meantime, I am setting up Remind app as a way to communicate with students and parents in a more instantaneous fashion. I will provide a code for each class period, shortly.


I also created this website, as it is more parent-friendly when it comes to accessibility. I will post assignment information, as well as announcements 2-3 times a week at minimum. 


Please feel free to contact me: 

any time! I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Have a wonderful weekend!

Current Assignments