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Persons trained in fields such as business management, international trade, and various financial services specialties will find that their skills are highly marketable.  Students master the basic business principles and procedures before proceeding to the career path specializations.  

These specializations emphasize concepts of accounting and finance, including computer applications, taxes, investments, and asset management as well as pathways in international business and business management.

How big is the industry?

Business’ growing need of consulting services to keep pace with the latest technology, government regulations, and management and production techniques is expected to drive demand for workers in this industry.

What about CA?

By 2016 there is a projected growth of 23.3% in employment for Accountants & Auditors in California alone.

Is the industry growing?

The professional and business services projected to grow 1.8%. The sector is expected to add almost 3.5 million jobs, the third-largest increase among all major sectors, to reach a level of more than 21.4 million jobs in 2022, up from just over 17.9 million in 2012.


The Business and Finance sectors are customer-service sectors with diverse jobs, work settings, training, salaries and skills. These roles are critical to the smooth running of all businesses and are highly marketable skill-sets, providing opportunities in many other Career Paths.

Financial Advisor, Accountant, Logistician, Business Operations Officer, Human Resources Specialist, Organizational Effectiveness Specialist, Payroll and Benefits Clerks, Administrative Assistant, Bank Teller,  Office Manager, Purchasing Agent, Office Manager, Chief  Financial Manager, Tax Preparer, Auditor, Customs Inspector, Customs Broker.



An essential aspect of every business institution and organization. Students in this pathway will investigate the field of financial management, including how it is impacted by industry standards as well as economic, financial, technological, international, social, legal, and ethical factors.


All courses are A-G approved


  • 9th Grade: Business Computer Applications  or College & Career Seminar    
  • 10th Grade: English 10 Ethics
  • 11th Grade: Accounting I and II (Includes computerized)
  • 12th Grade: Accounting III (Computerized using Excel, Automated Accounting, and QuickBooks) or IB Business Management or Business Internship

Program includes activities that encourage student interaction with working professionals and real world experiences that connect to their classroom curriculum:

  • Guest Speakers
  • Captivating Speakers Curriculum
  • T-Shirt That Travels the World Curriculum

Other Opportunities:

  • Field trips to Moorpark College and local businesses.
  • Certification opportunity for QuickBooks.
  • Community College credit offered for Business Computer Applications and Accounting courses.
  • DECA student organization prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management. Includes stimulating academic competitions that prepare students for future success