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Job Openings and Internships

Please come to Work Experience Office in room 2-11 for the latest job openings and internship opportunities. Our listings are current, and you can also sign up for Remind updates.

Career Education Center Resources

Career Education Center (CEC) resources include Regional Occupational Program (ROP) courses.

Registering for Career Education Center ROP courses.

Current CEC Course Catalog.

Work Experience Resources

Work Experience Office and ROP Locker

Work Experience and ROP

Where are you going?

Work Experience Office in Room 2-11


Office hours when school is in session:

9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.



Myers-Briggs Type Indicators:

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ENFJ      INFJ      ENTJ     INTJ     ISTJ


Virtual Personal Finance: 

Knowledge Matters - Personal Finance


Everfi Financial Literacy:



  • Processing of Work Permits required for all working minors.
  • Work Experience Education (WEE)
  • Career Education Center (CEC - formerly known as ROP)​
  • Veterinary Cadet Program - Career Development
  • Teachers of Tomorrow Internship Program
  • Introduction to Teaching ROP




According to California law, students under 18 years old need a work permit.  To be eligible for a work permit, students must earn a 2.00 GPA or higher on the most recent quarter/semester report card, come to school at least 90% of the time, and have no more than 6 periods of truancy.


Eligible students obtain work permit applications in the Work Experience Office room 2-11, open 9:00 am to 1:30 pm.  The student, parent and the employer must complete the application, and then it is submitted to the Work Experience Office for processing.  (During the summer, work permits are completed in the Main Office).  Work permits must be renewed within 5 days of the start of every new school year in August. Allow 24-48 hours for processing and approval.




This program gives working students an opportunity to earn elective credits toward the practical arts graduation requirement.  Students must be in 11th or 12th grade, earn a minimum of 2.00 GPA on the semester report card, attend school regularly, and work at an eligible job.  (Requirements of an eligible job).  To earn credit, students must attend one class each week where they learn practical work related and financial skills only offered in this program.  They must work a specified number of hours and stay working the entire semester.  Come to the Work Experience Office for more details and to register for the program.




This program offers a wide variety of ROP classes designed to prepare students with the job skills necessary for most entry-level occupations within the course selected.  Community based internships in local businesses and industry sites are offered in many classes.  Students can earn 10 elective credits each semester toward the practical arts or elective graduation requirement.  (List of ROP classes).  See your counselor or come to the Work Experience Office for more details.




This one-semester program introduces high school seniors to various aspects of a Veterinary Technician career, helping them to define and clarify the technical and educational qualifications for career demands.  Students are supervised in veterinary clinic as they rotate through various job duties.  Students must be able to spend at least 5 hours per week at the clinic and they earn 5 elective credits toward the practical arts or elective graduation requirement.  Eligible students must find a Veterinarian at a local clinic who will sponsor them in this program, then apply in the Work Experience Office.  (Requirements of the program).  Come to the Work Experience Office for more details.




The Teachers of Tomorrow program is a year long course that prepares students to go into teaching careers. Students will intern at an off site elementary school with teachers, attend monthly meetings at school during lunch, along with completing activity logs and other projects.


The goals of work experience for youth will be to ensure students a seamless transition from secondary education into meaningful, high quality employment and/or further education.


Specifically they are:

  1. To improve student achievement and performance through the use of the workplace as an active learning environment.
  2. To create a comprehensive work experience opportunity for all students that builds upon existing private and public sector resources and integrates academic and occupational learning.
  3. To expose students to career opportunities and facilitate the selection of career majors.
  4. To develop measurable outcomes that will ensure continued growth and improvement of the Work Experience Partnership that meet the needs of students, schools and employers.
  5. To develop attitudes necessary for successful job performance and cooperation with fellow workers.
  6. To encourage the development of pride in doing one's job well.
Work Experience Education
Mrs. Rita Longo
Work Experience, ROP and
Career Education Coordinator
805 306-4875 ext. 2884
fax: 805 520-6739


Mrs. Kathy Phillips
Work Experience Assistant
805 306-4875 ext. 2885

Summer Work Permits

Summer Vacation Work Permits will be issued from Royal High School's front office. If Royal High's office is closed you may go to Santa Susana High School or Simi Valley High School.


ROP Introduction to Teaching - TA's

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All TA students are given set login and passwords.

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