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About the Department

Contact Jose Alonso  Jose Alonso (805) 306-4875 ex: 2818 Spanish Teacher
Contact Niccole Bishop  Niccole Bishop Spanish Teacher
Contact Melissa Coco  Melissa Coco (805) 306-4875 ex: 2820 French Teacher
Contact Jessica Fancett  Jessica Fancett Spanish Teacher and Leadership Advisor
Contact Fang Jia  Fang Jia Mandarin Chinese Teacher
Contact Dr. Charles Katz  Dr. Charles Katz (805) 306-4875 ex: 2798 Sign Language Teacher
Contact Keely McKnight  Keely McKnight (805) 306-4875 ex: 2846 Spanish Teacher
Contact Lourdes Viramontes  Lourdes Viramontes Spanish Teacher