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How Can the Royal Math Department Help You?

Curricular Paths

The Slide Show below previews the curricular paths at Royal and a presentation and downloadable pdf are found in the Mathematics Locker

Advance Placement Programs

We offer A P Calculus AB and BC, A P Statistics, A P Computer Science

Learn More about requirements and opportunities

Career to Education Pathways

Alternative mathematics pathways which include career based curriculum in the Information and Technology pathway.

Information and Technology

Learn More About how the Pathway influences the mathematics curriculum

International Bacclaureate Program

IB Mathematics Studies SL or IB Mathematics HL

Learn More About how the Pathway influences the mathematics curriculum

Beyond the Classroom - Extracurricular Clubs associated with Mathematics

Royal has a few extracurricular programs design to give students more opportunity for applying mathematics and science

Science Club, Physics Club, Mathematics Honor Society, Robotics Club, Academic Decathalon Team 

Learn More about each club.

Members of the Mathematics Department
Contact George Carganilla  George Carganilla (805) 306-4875 ex: 2800 Math Teacher
Contact Kerry Hatton  Kerry Hatton (805) 306-4875 ex: 2793 Math Teacher
Contact Donald Hemphill  Donald Hemphill (805) 306-4875 ex: 2802 Math Teacher
Contact Emily Lewis  Emily Lewis Math Teacher
Contact Amanda Marsh  Amanda Marsh (805) 306-4875 ex: 2805 Math Teacher
Contact Lisa McCabe  Lisa McCabe (805) 306-4875 ex: 2845 Math Teacher
Contact Tammy Newbern  Tammy Newbern (805) 306-4875 ex: 2797 Math Teacher
Contact Susan Sciarillo  Susan Sciarillo (805) 306-4875 ex: 2804 Math Teacher
Contact Dan Shuster  Dan Shuster (805) 306-4875 ex: 2895 Math / Computer Science Teacher
Contact Bob Willging  Bob Willging (805) 306-4875 ex: 2792 Math / Physics Teacher
Mathematics Locker
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