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Workbook – Completion of chapters 1 – 10 in Workbook

Online Plan- Transfer research from workbook to your online 10-year plan.

4 Year Plan - Plan out your 4 years of HS to be A-G, diploma and NCAA compliant

Shark Tank - In groups of 4, create a business and present it.Create a Resume

Interviews - Student will interview three adults about their careers

Chapter Vocabulary Tests - 3x5 Note card, both sides allowed on test.

Final Project – Career & Plan Presentation

Craig Griffin

Fall 2018 Guest Speaker Series

Thank you for signing up to speak in the College and Career Class.   Please use the following link to sign up for a day and time.   Please add your profession or Career in the Comment section.


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Course Description

This 1-semester course is designed to help students foster academic success in their high school careers, and to aid in successfully reaching life goals set by the individual student. Students will be introduced to strategies for identifying possible career interests, researching those interests, and end the semester with a working digital and paper career resource portfolio. The student’s working portfolio will travel with him/her throughout his/her high school career, in order to build upon the foundational framework started as a freshman.


This course allows students earning an A, B, or C to petition for college credit


Contact Info


Google Classroom

Period 3: z9eu801

Period 4: wdqowv

Period 5: 8at4zl9   (lower case L not a 1)

Period 6: 0orxi49

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