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Catapillar Tractor
Catapillar Tractor
Mr. S advises on the table saw
Mr. S advises on the table saw
How to avoid a kickback!

Take a look at a kickback on a tablesaw and ways to keep from happening!


wooden snowman
Banjo made by Royal student
Banjo made by Royal student
Advanced Bowl
Advanced Bowl
Basic Truck...Plus
Basic Truck...Plus
Careers in the woodworking industry

training reduced
Interested in a career that includes construction or cabinet making? Check out this web site-

Wood Careers

Jobs In Woodworking?

Check out this site to find current information about jobs and salaries in Ventura County!


Ventura College Pathways factsheets

Make Your Own Dowel

Check out this easy way to make your own custom dowel out of any material you happen to be working with!

Grading Lumber

Ever wondered how lumber is graded and what affects the price.

What is OSHA

Find out what OSHA is and how it affects you and your job.

Logging Truck
Logging Truck

Royal Woodworking Pathway

Welcome to Royal Woodworking


Welcome to the Wood Shop Web Page. Please take your time to brows the site and see the incredible work students are doing at Royal HS. The woodworking pathway consists of four classes that are available to students multiple through their four years at Royal High. These classes give students a broad exposure to various types of woodworking as well as management and a capstone experience and prepare them for going on to a career or whatever future they should choose to pursue. These courses are articulated with Ventura College's Construction program and Cerritos College's Woodworking Manufacturing program should a student want to pursue either of these fields as a career. Check out the Pathway page to find out more information about the Royal Wood Pathway.


~Woodshop is back in business and in person for 2022

~Check out our partnership with the Simi Valley Historical Society!

~Check out our Urban Logging Initiative in the video below to see this exciting new program for kids to get involved in!

Royal's Urban Logging Initiative

The Royal woodshop has started a Urban Logging project to help the Parks and Rec department. The Royal Woodshop recycles trees that must be taken down in the local parks. The parks department delivers them to the logging compound at Royal and the students cut them up into usable pieces of wood. Do you have a tree that is being taken out? We might be able to turn your tree into usable lumber for you!



Royal High School Woodworking Pathway Career Institute


Royal students listen to local businessman Richard Campato talk about Hi-Tech careers.

Award winning poly-chromatic bowl
Award winning poly-chromatic bowl
Christmas Blocks
Christmas Blocks
Why Is Tech Education So Important?

See Mike Rowe, the Dirty Jobs guy,  and why he thinks woodshop, and others like it, are such important classes to keep around!

MIke Rowe Senate Testimony

Advanced tool caddy
Advanced tool caddy
Sam Malloof Style Rocking Chair
Sam Malloof Style Rocking Chair
Advanced Cutting Board
Fancy Cutting Board
Teachers from around Ventura and LA county at the annual Royal kick-off making miniature wall sections for their classrooms!
District Teachers at the annual Royal kick-off making cross-cut sleds for their 
Woodworking Pathway

woodworking pathway

Find out more about the Royal Construction/ Cabinet Making Careers by clicking on the link at the top of the page!

Alumni Career Survey

Survey for former students

Mr. Sorenson demonstrates to class
Contact Information


Prep:  5th Period 

Phone: call switchboard x 2905

Current Assignments
Sawing a Log Into Lumber

Watch a steam powered lumber mill cut an enormous Ponderosa Pine log into lumber!

Wood1: Beginning Craftsman Box
The Craftsman style box
How Quarter Sawn lumber is produced

Learn what quarter sawn lumber is and how the lumber is cut from a log. Quarter sawn lumber is the most stable lumber to build furniture with!

The Different Ways Luber is Cut


Check out the different ways lumber is cut at the saw mill and how it affects the price you pay at the store.

Wood 1: Beginning Ringed Bowl
Beginning Bowl
Wood 2: Polychromatic Bowl
Advanced Bowl
Wood 2: Tool Caddy
Tool Caddy
Practical Application
Practical Application
How Wood Veneers Are Made

Watch this fascinating video to see how veneers and plywoods are made.

Why use veneer?

This is an introductory class to veneers and why we use them!

How to veneer using contact cenment

This video shows the correct way to apply veneer to a substrate using contact cement and a roller

Here's why we buy it from China!


Log to final product


Modern Woodworking

Check out this look at the modern day woodworker.