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Phone: 805-306-4875 extension 2896

Roger Hixon

Mr. Roger Hixon

I am Roger Hixon a Royal High graduate class of 1987.  I graduated from the University of Utah in 1999 with a BS in Exercise Physiology.  I had the intent of becoming a physical therapist, but after a year and a half of working for a physical therapist, I decided that it wasn't right for me.  Because I had large number of science courses I was able to begin teaching with an Emergency Credential in the Fall of 1999 here at Royal High.  I have since gone back to CSUN and received my teaching credential in Geo Science.  This is my 21st year teaching the Science 9 class and I love being here where my children go and have gone to school, my oldest two sons graduated from Royal in 2012 and 2015 and a daughter in 2016 and another daughter is 2019.  My youngest daughter is in 10 grade here at Royal. I also coach both the girls and boys tennis teams.  I enjoy teaching Freshman and hope to help them succeed in their educational journey here at Royal High School.

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