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Directory of Main Offices



Main Number

(805) 306-4875


Keith Derrick

 Ext. 2705
 Office Manager/Principal's Secretary

Harriet Hunsaker

 Ext. 2706



Guidance and Supervision

Alphabet A to L

Patricia Bass

 Ext. 2708

Melissa Diederich

 Ext. 2708

Special Education and School Safety

Alphabet M to Z

Patti Myszkowski

 Ext. 2710

Debbie Nelson

 Ext. 2710
 Curriculum and Instruction

Matthew Guzzo

 Ext. 2712

Jean Hodges

 Ext. 2712
 Activities and Athletics

Aaron Dobson

 Ext. 2736



Yvette Shuster

Ext. 2738
 Alphabet A - Er

Sue Guy

 Ext. 2713
 Alphabet Es - La

Aamina Hennings

 Ext. 2717
 Alphabet Le - Ra

John Burton

 Ext. 2716
 Alphabet Re - Z

Amanda Viescas 

 Ext. 2714

Counseling Secretary

Diane Schwartz

 Ext. 2719

Athletic Director

Andy Andreolli

 Ext. 2735
 Activities and Athletics Secretary

Yvette Shuster 

 Ext. 2738
 ASB Accounts Clerk

Ashley Rotellini

 Ext. 2737
 ASB Student Store (Highlander Supply Co.)

Debbie Cole

 Ext. 2741
 Attendance Office

Maritza Berreondo


Jacqueline Bonfert

 Ext. 2726



Ext. 2725


College Career Center (CCC)

Brittany Hong 

 Ext. 2759
 Community Liaison

Ivonee Carrion

M-Th: 9-12:45, F: 9:15-1:00

 Ext. 2731
 Front Desk

Alicia Pelletier

 Ext. 2730

Health Office


School Nurse

Velma Carrasco

Wendy Calderon

Ext. 2728


Ext. 2727


Diane Amantia

Debbie Mackey

Ext. 2751


Ext. 2752

Plant Manager


PMO Secretary - Office and Calendar

Sandy Watson

Kaye Bennett

Ext. 2998


Ext. 2999


Dana Huse

 Ext. 2723

Registrar's Office

Lynda McKnight

 Ext. 2721

Work Experience Advisor

Rita Longo

Ext. 2884

Work Experience Secretary

Katherine Phillips

 Ext. 2885