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The variety of careers in this sector can accommodate a variety of personalities and skill sets, ranging from actors and professional gamers to multi-taksing managers and producers.  Careers in this industry include but are not limited to Graphic Designer,  Lighting Technician, Film Loader, Animator, Publisher, Camera Operator, Producer, Composer, Voice-Over Artist, Announcer, & Musician, Composer,  Commercial Artist, Museum Curator, Web Designer, Stage Manager, Talent Manager, Theatrical and Broadcast Technician, Event.


Digital Arts


Digital Media Arts & Video


What kind of opportunities are in this field?

A study commissioned by Otis College of Art and Design shows the state's creative industries supporst 2.68 million jobs and provides an annual $650 billion to the California economy, 49% which comes out of Southern California. Graphic design, motion picture/video production, commercial photography and data processing are a large part of the entertainment and digital media subsector.

Is the industry growing?

Entertainment and digital media employees 740,000 workers, adding 120,000 jobs from 2015-2020.

Artists and photographers use visual mediums as their tools in the same way writers, poets, and publishers use written mediums. The electronic and aural fields used in this pathway are constantly changing as technology evolves, requiring continuing studies to keep up.


All courses are A-G approved

Required coursework within these two pathways includes a combination of the following 

For Video

  • Video Production I
  • IB Film
  • Broadcasting
  • ROP Digital Video Honors

For Digital Media Arts

  • Web Design
  • ROP Game Design
  • ROP Digital Media Arts Honors

Coursework gives students an in-depth study of the artistic, creative and historical background of the Film and Television Industry, as well as Media Design. Students use professional editing software such as the Adobe suite to produce digital prints, video, film, and the school news broadcast.