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Lunch Passes

A Parent/Guardian and Senior Student can apply for a lunch pass if the student meets the following criteria:

  • 12th Graders with a 2.0 GPA, 90% attendance, acceptable behavior
  • All grades must have no more than one “F” and/or no more than one “U” from previous semester

A lunch pass is only good for lunch. If a student needs to replace a lunch pass sticker for any reason a replacement fee will apply.

Contracts listing the eligibility requirements for the senior lunch pass will be available from the Attendance Office the 2nd week of school. Upon request, the Senior Lunch form will be sent to the parent’s email listed in Aeries and must be returned from the same email address. .

Lunch passes are a privilege and administrators will revoke the lunch passes of students who do not meet eligibility criteria throughout the school year. Additionally, administrators reserve the right to revoke senior lunch passes at any time for the violation of any school rules.  Any student found with a lunch sticker who is not eligible will lose the privilege to have one during his/her senior year. A replacement sticker will only be granted one time and a fee will be assessed.

  • Juniors may have the opportunity to qualify for a lunch pass at the end of the third quarter.  Academic, behavior, and attendance requirements must be met. The same process listed above must be followed by juniors wishing to obtain a lunch sticker which will be valid during the fourth quarter.

All parents/ guardians should be aware of possible problems that may develop as a result of students going off campus during lunch:

  • Students return late and may be truant to their class immediately after lunch.
  • Students drive or ride with other students and accidents have occurred during lunch.
  • Students have been suspended for becoming involved with alcohol and/or drugs off campus during lunch, or other offenses.

We are not saying your student will fall victim to any of the above, but we wish to inform you of the situations that concern school officials.                                                                                                                                                      

If any of the above-mentioned violations occur, the lunch pass will be immediately revoked. The administration may revoke a lunch pass at any time, at their discretion. Parents may contact the assistant principal’s office to revoke their student’s lunch pass at any time.

If your student will not be returning to school after lunch (I.E. Illness, medical appointment, Etc.) A parent must notify the attendance office before the start of the next class that day in orders for the absence to be cleared.