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Advisory Team

Brian Dennert, Social Science
John Downey, Social Science
Matthew Guzzo, Administration
Aaron Dobson, Administration



"Royal's CSI program was one of my favorite parts of senior year. By being in charge of my own project, I gained so much confidence in myself because I got to see my hard work come to life. From the joy I witnessed, I believe my project made an impact. Through my fundraising and presentations at the Reagan Library, I was able to bring awareness to the benefits of music with Alzheimer's patients that would have otherwise gone unheard."

- Stephanie Russo, Class of 2017

"The partnership between Royal High School and the Reagan Library to promote civics education has created many opportunities for students to become leaders in our community."

- Brian Dennert, RHS Staff

"Since we joined forces with the Reagan Library's education team, I see my teaching responsibility in a whole new way. I've proudly transitioned to pairing that effort with the development of my students as citizens who have a keen sense of civic belonging and responsibility to community."

- John Downey, RHS Staff


"The future doesn't belong to the fainthearted. It belongs to the brave."

-Ronald W. Reagan, 40th President of the United States

The Citizen Scholar Institute Diploma Seal Program at Royal High School


Royal High School and the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation & Library have built a unique partnership that has resulted in the Ronald Reagan Citizen Scholar Institute (RR CSI) at RHS. The program provides a superior civic education for all of the school’s students. Students complete a series of requirements modeled directly from the Guardian of Democracy report to build civic knowledge and political engagement skills. Students from a wide-variety of demographic groups and interests are provided with unique, meaningful learning experiences. Our award-winning Citizen Scholar Institute is leading the way in civics education for high schools across the United States.


Helping you "make the world a little better" is our goal. Read below to see how we do that. We support any viable idea you have to create a project that helps others. Successful projects can come in various sizes, formats, and initiatives. Our process is designed to be accessible for you so you can make the impact on others you desire while growing as a civic leader! Check out the information on this page and then...

Click Here to Apply to become a CSI Diploma Seal Candidate


II. Basic Program Completion Requirements

  • Complete an authentic service learning project
  • Submit and present your service learning project during Senior Awards Night at the Reagan Library
  • Identify a relevant adult mentor to supervise you in your project endeavor
  • Present the purpose of your project to a governing board (RHS Admin, PTSA, Kiwanis, ASB, etc.)
  • Join the RHS Parent Teacher Student Association
  • Successfully complete at least one  AP or IB Social Science course at Royal High School.
  • Participate in school governance.
  • Attend 5 Brown Bag Lunch Speaker Series events



To complete your Service Project experience, you will follow a timeline that will take you through idea creation, approval, implementation, reflection, analysis, and presentation. Throughout this process you will have support and guidance from the advisory team of Royal staff, your (self-designated) adult mentor, and  your fellow CSI Diploma Seal candidates.

Click Here to Learn how you will take your Project from Idea to Completion



Along with the support you will receive from the Advisory Team of RHS Staff, you will also have the opportunity to work with an adult mentor who will provide you with guidance throughout your service project implementation process. While your mentor could be a Royal staff member, we encourage candidates to reach out to neighbors, community officials, and civic leaders to fill those roles. This relationship will be incredibly valuable in your success, your growth and learning, and the positive impact your project makes.


The Mentor you choose must be...

  • Excited and supportive of your project's mission
  • Willing and available to guide you through the entire project process
  • Relevant and personally connected to the focus/topic of your project
  • Involved in a field, profession, or community group related to your focus
  • Have a skill-set & knowledge base that will serve your work
  • Accessible and consistent in communicating and meeting with you
  • A constructively critical coach who will help keep you on track
  • The "BEST FIT" to support your overall success

Click Here to Learn about the Mentor Support Timeline



Upon completion of your Service Project, you will present your success at our annual Royal Senior Awards Night held at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley. Our Advisory Team will guide you through the preparations to be ready for this event. On that night you and your fellow candidates will interact with your families and friends, Reagan Foundation staff, SVUSD District Leadership, Royal Staff and Administration, and various community leaders as you describe the positive impact of your project and the growth you experienced as a civic leader. Those graduating seniors who have earned a Diploma Seal will be honored during the Senior Awards Ceremony.


CSI Presentations for 2018-19 will be held on June 3rd, 2019 at 5:00pm at The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, 40 Presidential Drive, Simi Valley, CA 93065