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coach becky

Head Coach:

Becky Herrera





Assist Coach:

Jacey Hardesty


Assist Coach:

Marwin Lopez

Executive Board





_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

 Captain: Rio Fitzgerald
Lacey Lipsky

Rachel Cook
 Co-Cpt: Morgan Tapp

 Captain: Jayme Hammond
 Co-Cpt: Mia Ragland


Rachel Cook (UCA) '21

Morgan Tapp (NCA, UCA) '21

Mackenzie Hatrak (NCA) '21

Emma Schnaible (NCA) '21

Leah Nelson (UCA) '20

Ava Marone (NCA) '20

Cameron Palermino (NCA & UCA) '20

Savannah Peters (UCA) '20

Cristina Rivero (UCA) '20

Kat Cabuyadao (UCA) '19

Lacey Lipsky (UCA) '19

Rio Fitzgerald (UCA) '19

Adrian Fletes (UCA) '18

Josie Lawrence (UCA) '18

Emily Heminuk (NCA) '17

Cailyn Knudsen (UCA)  '17

Thalia Garcia-Young (UCA)  '17

Lexi Cook (UCA) '16

Cheyenne Eskridge (NCA)  '16

Haley Cates (NCA) '16

Julie Kaleski (NCA) '16

Jacalyn Delaplane (UCA)  '15

Amanda Merkle (UCA & NCA)  '14

Royal High Cheer

2018/19 Cheer teams


Barreras, Bella

Bramsche, Faith

Hammond, Jayme

Hemenway, Haley

Legrand, Lily

Lundstrom, Brynn

Mattina, Marina

Moberly, Brooklyn

Mulford, Layla

Neal, Nairobi

Pillai, Aneri

Ragland, Mia

Theisen, Skylar

Vilchis, Katherine





Alton, Jayden

Baruch, Danielle

Beaty, Makenzie

Cook, Katie

Cook, Rachel

Gibson, Jordan

Gonzalez, Emma

Hewitt, Anna

Landman, Kaitlyn

Martz, Jessica

McKeehan, Jacqueline

Schnaible, Emma

Sykes, Deanna

Tapp, Morgan

Varner, Kendyll

Cabuyadao, Kat

Cuevas, Lexi

Eber, Katelynn

Ebeun, Meela

Fitzgerald, Rio

Goodman, Melissa

Lipsky, Lacey

Lockhart, Kiarra

Marone, Ava

Martinez, Sirena

Montolfo, Maddie

Nelson, Leah

Palermino, Cameron

Perdomo, Angelena

Rathsam, Morgan

Rivero, Cristina

Rosner, Calliope

Sehmi, Harleen

Stidham, Emma


2016-17 Highlight Videos


Cheer Calendar

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Mission Statement

  • To support Royal High School’s athletic teams by promoting school spirit and good sportsmanship through the unification of the student body, alumni and fans.
  • To provide a positive and supportive leadership role in the school and community by demonstrating team cooperation, personal integrity and accountability.
  • Carry on a tradition of excellence by producing high caliber spirit and competition cheer squads.
  • Promote Pep Squad Members and the advancement of their skills at and beyond the High School Level.
  • Support Pep Squad Members as they enhance their Academic Goals.

Congratulations to our first inaugural Competitive Sport Cheer Team!


1)  Alton, Jayden

2)  Barreras, Bella

3)  Beaty, Mackenzie

4)  Bramsche, Faith

5)  Cook, Katie

6)  Cook, Rachel

7)  Ebuen, Meela

8)  Fitzgerald, Rio

9)  Gonzalez, Emma

10) Hammond, Jayme

11) Hemenway, Haley

12) Hernandez, Elsy

13) Landman, Kaitlyn

14) Legrand, Lily

15) Lipsky, Lacey

16) Lundstrom, Brynn

17) Marone, Ava

18) Martinez, Sirena

19) Mattina, Marina

20) McKeehan, Jacqueline

21) Moberly, Brooklyn

22) Montolfo, Maddie

23) Mulford, Layla

24) Neal, Nairobi

25) Palermino, Cameron

26) Perdomo, Angelena

27) Pillai, Aneri

28) Ragland, Mia

29) Rathsam, Morgan

30) Rivero, Cristina

31) Rosner, Calliope

32) Varner, Kendyll

Posted 12/7/18

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